Grow with us!

We have created a special place – a friendly space which triggers creativity in its visitors. Here your work is no longer a sad duty, but an inspiring challenge, and even a pleasure. Here, in “Pod Ciśnieniem”* (Under Pressure), you can spread your wings and meet new people. Join us in a place which motivates and fuels your creativity.

Get inspired!
Be Under Pressure to start
your creative engines!

Together > Be yourself

Inspire and be inspired

We strongly believe that the place where people of different specializations meet creates a unique synergy. That the exchange of experience and the constructive discussion can lead to incredible, surprising remarks. A new network of contacts opens new, previously unavailable paths of personal and professional development. We warmly welcome you into the community of “Pod Ciśnieniem”* (Under Pressure).

Join the community of
“Pod Ciśnieniem”* (Under Pressure)

This is both your and our stop

“Pod Ciśnieniem”* (Under Pressure) was created to be a stop on your way. It meets all your needs here and now. It allows you to set the course and then continue your journey. We plan for this project to last a minimum of 3 years. We invite you to share this time with us, as it is shaping up to be the most wonderful adventure. Once “Pod Ciśnieniem”* is completed, this place will still be alive and busy, because the next project will be taking place. We want to build apartments in those historic buildings and make the whole quarter an integral part of the city.

 “Pod Ciśnieniem”*
is a temporary project.

Good vibes only

Extraordinary interiors designed for extraordinary tasks

You simply want to stay here

Here you can meet people just like you and socialize with them thanks to this unique space. You will chat casually in the lobby while sitting on a comfortable sofa or an armchair. Discuss future plans while having lunch in a fully equipped, communal kitchen. Or maybe you need to hold a quick meeting or make an urgent phone call? No pressure – you do not have to head to the Old Town Market Square anymore. We have prepared a much more convenient solution for you – a conference room, available for all our guests.

But do I HAVE to go to work?
Here you will never ask this question again

“Pod Ciśnieniem”* (Under Pressure) is right here!

Get out of the city while staying at its heart

A place for the big and the small, a stay for a moment or for longer

The most flexible lease offer in Wrocław.

Our offer

re you constantly chasing deadlines? Focus on what is most important to you. Your office should be a creative space in which the company can thrive. The size of your business is not important – we can provide a place for both small and larger teams. For both promising and already well-known brands. Here you can rent multiple rooms or a shared office space. Just ask us about the best solution for you. No unnecessary pressure.

  • 24/24 building is protected and available around the clock
  • the height of rooms varies from 3.6 to 4 meters (11.8 to 13.12 ft)
  • various rental costs
  • conference rooms
  • fully equipped, communal kitchen
  • open lobby with free WiFi

Plan your next meeting with us

Completely without pressure

Conference rooms

We offer rooms for training sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops – all of them are specially designed for your needs. They will certainly be remembered well by you and your guests. Our conference rooms can be rented by the hour or for a whole day.

Call us and ask for further details: 518 856 405

  • rooms varied from 16 to 28 m² (52.5 to 91.86 ft²)
  • free WiFi
  • projector + projector screen
  • from 6 to 12 seats in each room
  • fully equipped kitchenette
  • cloakroom + anteroom

Our Tenants

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